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QuBOX is a portable quantum computing simulator developed for the Ket language. Accelerated by GPU, QuBOX has two simulation modes, being able to simulate more than 30 quantum bits. Ket is an open-source project that aims to facilitate the development of classical-quantum applications. Embedded in Python, the Ket language brings intuitive constructions for building programs with integration of classical and quantum data.

In partnership with the startup Quantuloop, the Quantum Computing Group - UFSC provides free and remote access to a QuBOX simulator. Sign up to receive your access key.

QuBOX Simulator
Ket Language
About the Project


This project is a partnership between the Center for Physical and Mathematical Sciences (CFM) and the Department of Informatics and Statistics (INE/CTC) of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) through the Quantum Computing Group - UFSC.